kathrynkangas said: Thank you so much for making that list of all the Ryeowook solos/duets!!! I just finished downloading all of them!

you’re very welcome :-)

Ryeowook Solos & Duets - MP3 downloads

Finally got around to updating this today! There’s now 64 songs for your enjoyment. As before,I’ve left out the songs you can buy on CD (e.g. soundtrack songs). Tracks have been edited to remove crowd noise / introductions / endings whenever possible. Highly suggest you take what you don’t already have ~ no such thing as too much Ryeowook!

All the tags should appear correct in iTunes etc - please let me know if they’re not (and also if you know of anything I’ve missed) ^.^




Track list & times… 


Kiss the Radio:

내가 너의 곁에 잠시 살았다는 걸 (That I Was Once By Your Side) [5:08]

눈물나는 날에는 (On The Days I Cry) [4:40]

들리나요 (Can You Hear Me?) [4:12]

가슴아 그만해 (Stop, My Heart) [3:38]

벚꽃엔딩 (Cherry Blossom Ending) [4:19]

고요한 밤 거룩한밤 (Silent Night) [0:13]

그대라면 (If It’s You) [4:01]

I’m in Love [3:44]

사랑…그 놈 (Love… That Guy) [4:27]

사랑한다는 흔한말 (A Common Phrase Like ‘I Love You’) [5:00] 

신부에게 (To My Bride) [4:30]

오래된 노래 (Old Song) [5:15]

웃으며 넘길래 (Frozen Smile) [3:35]

잊지 말아요 (Don’t Forget) [0:26]

잘지내 (Goodbye) [4:13]

Kiss Goodbye (Short Ver.) [0:32]

Mr. Flower [4:38]

Nothing Better [4:19] 

The Scientist [5:00]


Miracle for You:

난 아직 모르잖아요 (I Still Don’t Know) [3:53]

사랑은 유리같은 것 (Love is Like Glass) [3:52]

내가 있을게 (I’ll Be There) [3:56]

나만의 슬픔 (My Sadness Only) [2:21]

어떤 그리움 (Nostalgia) [4:32]

그 사람 (That Person) [3:08]

바보 (Fool) [2:35]

사랑합니다 (I Love You) [3:38]

Still With You [3:05]

Tell Me [0:34]


Immortal Song:

나는 너를 (I… You) [3:38]

바다에 누워 (Lying on the Sea) [4:30]

봉선화 연정 [3:43]

그녀를 만나는 곳 100m전 (Met Her 100m Away) [4:18]

하얀 목련 (White Magnolia) [4:01]

오늘도 난 (Today, I) [3:27]

휘파람을 부세요 (Whistle Blowing) [4:16]



ありがとう (Thank You) [5:42]

Baby [3:20]

Blame it on the Girls [3:37]

내 눈물 모아 (With My Tears) [2:11]

내꺼하자 (Be Mine) [0:16]

다 줄꺼야 (I’ll Give You Everything) [3:30]

걸음이 느린 아이 (Slow Walking Child) [2:28]

Honesty [3:39]

I Believe [4:32]

ID; Peace B [0:23]

애모 [1:00]

Kiss Goodbye [1:27]

Memories in Breeze (Instrumental) [4:00]

Moves Like Jagger [3:42] 

Tell Me [0:34]

原諒我 (Forgive Me) [0:35]

我只在乎你 (I Only Care About You) [4:05]

我们的爱 (Our Love) [3:02]

三日月 (Crescent Moon) [4:31]



Onew - 내가 사랑했던 이름 (The Name I Loved) [3:39]

Sungmin - 내게 오는 길 (The Road To Me) [3:50]

Sungmin - 눈의 꽃 (Snow Flower) [5:35]

Sungmin - 다행이다 (It’s Fortunate) [3:38]

Sungmin - 거짓말 (Lie) [3:50]

Sungmin - 요즘 너 말야 (Nowadays You Are) [3:02]

Sungmin - 지금처럼 (Just Like Now) [4:06]

Sungmin - Story [4:07]

Yesung - 사진을 보다가 (Looking at a Picture) [4.40]

D.O. - Missing You [4:10]

Introductions & Interview @ SHINee in London. Front row ;-)

Onew solo @ Shinee in London.

Onew & Taemin were like this after only two songs. I felt so bad for them :-(

SHINee in London

Onew & Taemin @ SHINee in London

Lucifer @ SHINee in London (kind of Key focus)

Replay @ SHINee in London (kind of Key focus)

Juliette @ SHINee in London. Front row ;-)